We're turning masks into diamonds

Our masks will be transformed into diamonds

You're starting to know it: at mood, we're able to do more or less anything, as long as it's beautiful and/or innovative and/or useful and/or impossible... or the 4 at once...

It's no secret for anyone (unless you're not an earthly inhabitant), one of the common denominators accompanying us humans in this period is the mask. It has become our constant companion, the one we put in our bags, in our cars and especially... on our faces...

But... little problem... while looking around us, in the forest, in the mountains, at the sea or in the city, we realized that our new companion had already become the new enemy of our beautiful planet. Seeing these masks wandering in nature, an idea came to us... Why not recycle them or more exactly... UPCYCLE them and something even crazier... why not turn them into diamonds, as we did for Sebastien Buemi's crashed car or Belinda Bencic's tennis racket.

A few days later, the question to our magician, Mr. Walz was asked and the answer fell: yes, it is possible to transform the masks into diamonds!

So we decided to start a collection of masks, disinfect them and allow them to begin their transmutation process. In a few months, the masks will be a thing of the past... we will again be able to show our most beautiful smiles that will shine like the diamonds that will have bloomed in the meantime.

Even though this is a difficult time, we hope with all our heart that each of us has the strength to turn the bad experiences of 2020 into something positive and can use all this to reveal the most beautiful diamond in each of us... namely OURSELVES.

Take care of yourself,

The mood team

Stéphanie Pousaz, CEO @ Mood

Today's waste...

Since the beginning of the health crisis linked to the coronavirus in 2020, the number of protective masks thrown in the streets and in the nature is growing day by day.

In addition to being objects that degrade the environment in the very long term (it is estimated that these masks made of polypropylene could take several centuries to disintegrate), they are also a visual pollution for urban areas, even more so for virgin spaces.

Moreover, they are a risk of poisoning for animals that accidentally ingest these plastics - logically creating a risk for us humans.

In other words, this tool that was supposed to allow the protection of human beings is in fact a catastrophe for all the populations of the Earth.

...are the diamonds of tomorrow

We decided it would be different.

From these events, we want to create something new and thus recycle this waste into fashion objects. Through technical processes of creating laboratory diamonds from organic materials, we are able to transform masks into diamonds.

Therefore, we are launching a campaign to collect used masks so that we can have the necessary material to create these gems, and at the same time, rid the planet (or at least part of Switzerland...) of the garbage generated by this global pandemic.

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You can help us!

You found masks on the ground or you have a used stock?

You can take part in our recycling project by sending us these masks to the following address:

Mood store Orbe
Z.I. Ducats 40b
1350 Orbe VD

The masks will be sent to our workshops in Orbe respecting strict hygiene.

Let's create the future together

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Online support

If you have any question regarding this project or the mood brand, please get at us at contact@yourmood.net.